what is the social network mobilsocial?

Mobilsocial is a social network where individuals can create an online profile, describing their interests, and add links to other profiles. generally, users can post personal information, including photographs, videos, audios and blog posts. mobilsocial social network focuses on two things:Mobile users and their privacy, its a place where you can store all your multimedia files (audio, video, pictures, messages) and access them from any mobile device anytime you need to easily

In mobilsocial social network, All files are stored securely and they are accessible to you anytime from any device, whenever you need it. Its your own social, virtual and private media locker (video, photos, music).

How do I register in this new social network?

Register at social network mobilsocial is very easy, just go to the subscription page and fill out all the information, it takes approximately 5 minutes to complete the subscription. Or simply click on the button to join with facebook and do it in seconds.

Whats the cost of using mobilsocial services?

The cost of membership in the mobilsocial network is totally FREE. This includes the cost for the use of the application and hosting of your music files, photos, and videos. To pay the operation costs we will show advertisements of third parties.

What advantages does the social network mobilsocial have?

Apart from being a social network, is a social cloud where you can store your files but also has an artificial intelligence that provides relevant news automatically.

social network mobilsocial

You can download the mobilsocial app for android here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.plpm.mobilsocial . To view the facebook page of the mobil social network click here, and if you want to see the page of the mobil social social network on twitter here you can find it .