Apple Black Friday deals 2020: Todays best new offers on iPads …

Apple Black Friday

Apple Black Friday deals 2020: Todays best new offers on iPads …

Apple fan? These are the best Apple Black Friday deals and discounts on AirPods, Apple Watches and iPads – all updated today on Black Friday itself.

Apple Black Friday deals 2020 | best new offers on iPads, Apple Watch, AirPods – Radio Times

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Apple Black Friday deals 2020: Today’s best new offers on iPads and AirPods


Black Friday is here and while Apple itself doesn’t get in on the action (although it is offering ), there are still plenty of places to find its products on offer during the sale.


With multiple retailers dropping prices right through to , you’ll find all sorts of Apple products among the Black Friday deals out there. So far, we’ve found everything from MacBook discounts to deals.

As to be expected, the price drops we’ve found are mostly on older-generation devices. Apple has launched many new products in 2020: the new and Pro, , the bonus SE editions of the the extra iPhone Mini and Pro Max, plus two new iPads and a new Mac.

So what are the Apple Black Friday highlights so far? The is just £379.65 at Amazon right now, a saving of nearly £120 on its usual price. You can also pick up an iPhone 11 64GB contract with 100GB of data for just , and get and . AirPods are also seeing decent discounts: the cheapest deal we’ve seen for the AirPods Pro is ,

Scroll down for our pick of the best Apple Black Friday deals out there. We’re keeping this page up-to-date with all the latest deals – if Apple deals are on your radar this Black Friday, be sure to snap up a bargain.

Best Apple Black Friday deals 2020

If you don’t fancy searching the web for the best Apple deals, don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the cheapest Apple deals on popular products for Black Friday 2020:

Apple AirPods Pro best deal | | £249 £195 at Laptops Direct (save £54 or 22% – free delivery tomorrow)

Apple AirPods best deal | | £159 £124.49 at Amazon (save £34.51 or 22%)

Apple Watch best deal |  | £499 £379.65 at Amazon (save £119.35 or 24%)

Apple iPhone best deal | | £34 a month, £0 upfront

Apple MacBook best deal |  | £1,399 £1,249 at Very (save £150 or 11%)

Apple iPad Pro best deal |  £1,069 £990.20 at Amazon (save £78.80 or 7%)

Apple iPad best deal |  | £499 at Currys PC World

Apple iMac best deal |  | £1,999 £1,799 at Currys (save £200 or 10%)

iPad Black Friday deals


It’s been a busy few months for iPad fans, with not one, but two brand new models announced: the and the . While it’s often the older models rather than the newer releases seeing these deals there’s already discounts on the new iPad Pro:

iPad Pro Black Friday deals

Top pick: | £1,069 £990.20 at Amazon (save £78.80 or 7%)

| £969 £912 at Amazon (save £57 or 6%)

| £769 £706.70 at Amazon (save £62.30 or 8%)

| £869 £816 at John Lewis (save £53 or 6%)

| £1,419 £1,340.95 £1,319 at Currys (save £100 or 7%)

| £1,319 £1,299 at John Lewis (save £20 or 2% – reduced to clear)

Deals on other iPad models

| £579 £499 at Currys (save £80 or 14%)

| £463 £399 at Currys (save £64 or 14%)

| £399 £377 at Currys (save £22 or 5%)

| £49 £39 at JD Williams (save £10 or 20%)

iPhone Black Friday deals

Fone House

At long last, the has been announced and is available to buy – although there aren’t as many significant deals on the new smartphone. The biggest savings can instead be found on the older models – the iPhone 11, in particular, has had a bit of a price chop. See our full page for more offers.

iPhone 11 Black Friday deals

 | £729 £599 at Currys PC World (save £130 or 18%)

| £969 £749 at JD Williams (save £220 or 18%) (low stock)

| £1,049 £924 at Very (save £125 or 12%)

 | £34 a month, £0 upfront (save £252)

 | £35 a month, £0 upfront

 | £64 a month, £0 upfront

| £44.99 a month, £0 upfront

iPhone SE Black Friday deals

| £399 at Currys

| £469 £449 at John Lewis (save £20 or 4% off)

| £18 a month, £0 upfront

| £24 a month, £0 upfront

  | £16.99 a month, £0 upfront (save £144)

iPhone XR Black Friday deals

| £629 £479 at Very (save £150 or 24%)

| £779 £529 at Very (save 250 or 32%)

| £22 a month, £0 upfront

 | £32 a month, £0 upfront

| £30 a month, £9.99 upfront

iPhone 12 Black Friday deals

With the new iPhone 12 finally here, and considering that it will be unlikely to be in any substantial Black Friday offer, we have taken a look around to see some of the best deals you can get for it now – in all the different models that it is available in.

 | £53 a month, £0 upfront

| £31.50 for 6 months, £29 upfront (save £189)

| £44 a month, £0 upfront

| £39 a month, £0 upfront

| £80 a month, £0 upfront

iPhone 12 SIM-free deals

| £799 at Amazon

| £699 at Argos

 | £999 at Carphone Warehouse

| £1,099 at Carphone Warehouse

AirPods Black Friday deals 

AirPods were one of the most sought-after items last Black Friday with discounts across the board, and also saw 20% off on Prime Day earlier this year. They’re back on sale this year:

Top pick:  |£249 £195 at Laptops Direct (save £54 or 22%)

| £219 £198 at John Lewis (save £21 or 9%)

| £159 £124.99 at Very (save £34.50 or 22%)

| £159 £124.49 at Amazon (save £34.51 or 22%)

|£169 £157 at Currys (save £12 or 7%)

Apple Watch Black Friday deals


The Apple Watch also saw two new releases in a year for the first time, with a budget also dropping along with the expected . Thankfully that means the SE can already be bought at some great prices, but the older Series 3 remains enduringly popular too:

Top pick:  | £499 £379.65 at Amazon (save £119.35 or 24%)

| £279 £195 £179 at AO (save £100 or 35%)

 | £309 £229 at Very (save £80 or 25%)

| £529 £399.99 (save £129.01 or 24%)

| £499 £449 at Currys PC World (save £50 or 10%)

| £489 £429 at JD Williams (save £60 or 12%)

 | £499 £399 at Amazon (save £100 or 20%)

| £269 £258.18 at Amazon (save £10 or 4%)

| £14.50 £9.50 p/m with O2 (save £5 a month or 34%)

MacBook Black Friday deals

Earlier in November, Apple announced the release of new MacBook Air, Pro and Mini models. Naturally, this means that we can expect the older MacBooks to drop in price as we navigate through the Black Friday sales. Here are the cheapest MacBook Black Friday deals we have found:

Top pick: | £1,399 £1,249 at Very (save £150 or 11%)

| £999 £919 £879 at Currys PC World (save £120 or 12%)

| £1,299 £1,180 at Amazon (save £120 or 10%)

| £1,499 £1,369 at Currys PC World (save £130 or 9%)

| £2,359.99 £2,149 at Very (save £210 or 9%)

iMac Black Friday deals 

Along with the iPhone 12, new MacBooks and new iPads, Apple also released a new iMac this year. With a 27-Inch, 5K display, the 10th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and a Radeon Pro 5300 graphics card, this is the fastest iMac Apple has ever produced. These are the cheapest Apple iMac offers we’ve found this Black Friday:

Top pick:  | £1,999 £1,799 at Currys (save £200 or 10%)

| £1,799 £1,649 at John Lewis (save £150 or 8%)

| £4,899 £3,299 at Currys (save £1,600 or 33%)

HomePod Black Friday deals

The new Apple HomePod Mini Apple

While the news may have been dominated by the new iPhone and iPad releases, Apple also recently launched the , a smaller, cheaper version of their HomePod smart speaker. At £99, the Mini is much more affordable than its larger counterpart, but the original HomePod may now see some discounts as a result…

| £99 at John Lewis

| £319 £279 at AO (save £40 or 12%)

| £319 £279 at Argos (save £40 or 12%)

Does Apple do Black Friday deals?

Apple doesn’t take part in Black Friday with discounts like other retailers. But from 27 November (Black Friday itself) to 30 November (Cyber Monday), the Apple Store will run a in which you can pick up an Apple Store Gift Card of us to £120 which any purchases you make.

Being frank, the Apple deals you’ll see over Black Friday are rarely the best ones out there. That’s mainly because Apple abstains from holding its own sale, but if you are keen on a particular product you may strike lucky, Apple AirPods last year were a must-buy for example. For 2020  given the year we’ve had – it seems retailers want to spread a bit of good cheer with deals on the newest models with iPads discounted already.

Read on for the best Apple deals across the retailers who are taking part in the Black Friday fun.

Which retailers have Apple Black Friday deals in the UK?

Although the Apple Store doesn’t run Black Friday sales, the brand doesn’t completely forego the deals action. Instead, the Apple Store offers gift cards rather than discounts when you buy regularly priced items with them – you’d get a £20 gift card with an iPhone for example.

Apple is running a similar promotion from 27 to 30 November, but those looking for an actual discount on an Apple product will have to look elsewhere. Thankfully, several other retailers have offered Black Friday discounts on Apple tech in previous years, including the following brands:

How to get the best Apple Black Friday deals

Check the price – Retailers can sneakily raise the prices ahead of Black Friday so the discount seems bigger, so know the true worth of the product you’re buying.

Look out for bundles – AirPods and even Apple Watches are offered regularly as bundles with mobile phones, so it’s worth checking our if you’re also after a new mobile.

Keep the receipt – Apple’s devices are some of the most sought-after devices on Black Friday, so you may well find a better deal later on.

Check our pages – We have a dedicated deals page, which we will keep regularly updated up to and during Black Friday.

If you’re looking at buying from Amazon we’d recommend getting  or signing up for a . Amazon holds Lightning Deals which run for just a few hours and only offer limited stock. If you sign up to Prime you get access to the deals half hour before the normal buying public, which could make all the difference for popular items such as Apple products.

If you’re specifically looking for an iPhone with a contract, then  or are your best bet for cheap monthly prices.

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Should I trade in my old iPhone?

Some retailers will offer you the chance to trade in your old handset, effectively bringing down the price. How much you will get for your device will vary depending on what model you have:

iPhone XR – up to £290

iPhone XS Max – up to £470

iPhone XS – up to £390

iPhone X – up to £310

iPhone 8 Plus – up to £250

iPhone 8 – up to £180

iPhone 7 Plus – up to £180

iPhone 7 – up to £100

iPhone 6 Plus – up to £90

iPhone 6 – up to £60

Remember to check with the retailer before trading in as the prices can vary.

Read more on Black Friday

Feeling some Black Friday fatigue already? No need to worry – we’ve compiled all the very best deals for each retailer into one place. See our Black Friday guides below:

Want more offers? Keep checking our 2020 guide as we work hard to source and research the best and cheapest deals for you. We are constantly updating our pages with the latest news and deals from our experts over Black Friday and into . For more tech deals check out the section.


Wondering what to watch? Visit our .


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