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Bogdan Bogdanovic Receiving Interest From Pacers?

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Bogdan Bogdanovic Receiving Interest From Pacers?

The over-the-cap Pacers would have to acquire the Kings RFA swingman in a sign-and-trade deal.

Bogdan Bogdanovic Receiving Interest From Pacers? | Hoops Rumors


November 22nd 2020 at 12:40am CST by Luke Adams

NOVEMBER 22, 12:40am: A source with knowledge of the situation tells Jason Anderson of The Sacramento Bee () that the Pacers “aren’t engaged” in sign-and-trade talks with the Kings on a deal that would involve Bogdanovic and Turner.

Anderson clarifies that there’s room for interpretation regarding the Pacers’ level of interest in Bogdanovic, but his source “flatly rejected” the idea of Turner being involved in a deal.

NOVEMBER 21, 10:00pm: The Pacers weren’t able to complete a sign-and-trade deal with Boston to land , but the Celtics forward apparently wasn’t the only sign-and-trade target on the team’s radar.

Sources tell that Indiana has shown interest in Kings restricted free agent , who is also from the Hawks.

Atlanta has the cap room necessary to sign Bogdanovic to an offer sheet. In that scenario, the Kings would have to elect whether or not to match the offer, and would lose the talented swingman for nothing if they decline to match.

The over-the-cap Pacers would have to negotiate a sign-and-trade with Sacramento in order to give Bogdanovic a contract that reflects his market value (believed to be in the range of $18MM annually). If Indiana is willing to make a player like available in that scenario, that would certainly appeal to the Kings more than the prospect of losing Bogdanovic for nothing, Ham writes.

There would be some cap-related hurdles to overcome in any deal between the Kings and Pacers. And, of course, as the Bucks and the Kings earlier , Bogdanovic himself would have to sign off on the idea of joining the Pacers over Atlanta or another team. Still, it’s certainly a possibility worth keeping an eye on.

For what it’s worth, reports that the Pacers – as well as the Rockets – expressed some exploratory interest in a possible sign-and-trade for free agent guard before he with the Raptors.




19 thoughts on “Bogdan Bogdanovic Receiving Interest From Pacers?”

He is a nice fall back plan after missing out on Hayward(and he will cost less)


The hornets, it seems, overpaid for hayward.


Seems? Flat out DID overpay


That’s called a Kupchak.


So did the Celtics to be fair


His parents are very unoriginal in the naming department


Hawks really don’t need him


Bogdan + Jelly Belly for Turner


Rockets want to trade for VanVleet
Eric Gordon and House for VanVleet?


lol nah bro Raps say no


Headline asks if there’s interest…first sentence says there likely isn’t. Wut?


The article was clearly updated, Einstein.


As a Pacers fan I don’t know if I want to see them give up Turner. I do like Bogdanovic though.

Pacers don’t have very many bigs. Unless I am missing something.


I admittedly am just a below average basketball fan…but it seems like the Kings constantly let talent walk out the door. Would like to see him in a Hawks uniform tho

I think the Pacers did well not get Hayward. Turner is a growing as a player. I like there team. Hopefully Victor will be healthy and they will be a force.


Why does every trade have the Pacers sending more value out than they get back?

Milwaukee did not include a starter in their offer (Ilyasova, DiVincenzo, Wilson) all expiring contracts by the way.

Kings are in a weak position because Atlanta and New York can sign him outright and the Kings get nothing.

Pacers offer McDermott, Leaf expiring contracts, and a 2022 first round pick and be done with it. Pick plus McDermott’s shooting makes him tradable for another asset before the deadline. Pacers could even throw in one of the 2nd round picks they have stockpiled.

Pacers get better, Kings get assets


Pacers and Kings…at least the talk is about relevant teams.

Bogdonoviv is really starting to seem like more baggage than he is worth. Like Hayward, he will likely end up with an irrelevant team.


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