David Dobrik clears up rumors that he “rejected” Madison Beer

Madison Beer

David Dobrik clears up rumors that he “rejected” Madison Beer

YouTuber David Dobrik has cleared up long-standing rumors that he "rejected" singer Madison Beer, saying they "just never dated."
David Dobrik clears up rumors that he “rejected” Madison Beer – Dexerto more David Dobrik clears up rumors that he “rejected” Madison Beer

Published: 18/Feb/2021 11:51

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is one of the most popular vloggers on YouTuber, boasting a subscriber base of over 18 million on his main channel alone.

However, he’s recently been turning his attention to having not uploaded on his main YouTube channel in 9 months. Instead, one of his primary forms of content is the with Jason Nash, where they invite various guests on to talk about topical stories surrounding their lives and careers.

This time, David and Jason invited singer Madison Beer onto the podcast to talk about her upcoming album, but the conversation of course turning to the ongoing jokes about David supposedly ‘rejecting’ the star.

Instagram: daviddobrikMany fans have hoped to see David and Madison together.

David has consistently been caught up in dating rumors with various female stars over the years, including Corinna Kopf, and even but the YouTuber revealed that the rumor about him ‘rejecting’ Madison is one that fans just won’t let go.

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Madison brought up the rejection theory and told David to address it, saying, “I’m not even gonna speak, I’m gonna let him take the floor with this and just see where he goes.”

The YouTuber began to explain, “I was saying this to Jason before, I hate the whole rejection thing. Like I hate that people are like, ‘this is the girl who David rejected,’” adding that the better Madison looks in a photo, the more comments there are about the supposed rejection.

Topic starts at 9:50

After the singer claimed that David didn’t seem keen on the idea of them dating when Jason brought it up in a previous podcast, the YouTuber firmly denied this, saying, “I’ve always been like, down…”

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When Madison asked him, “have you ever rejected me?” David replied with a firm, “no” followed by a questionable look to the camera. Shortly after he went on to say, “I never rejected you. We just never dated, that’s it. That’s the only story.”

While David seems to have put to bed the rumors that he ever rejected Madison, there’s a good chance that the jokes about the pair will continue in their Instagram comments — and a relationship could still be on the cards.

Latest Marc D’Amelio hits back at accusations that family is “abusing” Charli

Published: 18/Feb/2021 5:18

Instagram: marcdamelio / Instagram: charlidamelio


, TikTok users have once again called out the D’Amelio family for abuse. While these original claims were shut down by Dixie, the latest accusations fixate on Charli.

“Look that’s Heidi’s hand,” a user shared while inspecting a February 2 upload on Marc’s account. In the background of his video, a feint movement can be seen in the background. This could essentially be anything, though fans quickly latched onto a theory that it was Heidi abusing her daughter.

My family and I love movie nights with our ! We can watch shows from streaming apps on a big screen just like the theater @lgusa

“She is hitting Charli,” the TikTok user said. “Guys we need to save her, this is not a joke,” they added along with the hashtag ‘#SaveCharli.’

This allegation could have been easily ignored by the family, though Marc decided to shut it down once and for all. “Wrongfully accusing parents of abuse is serious,” he replied shortly after.

“You’re wasting time and resources that could be spent helping true victims of abuse.” Despite this clear-cut denial, hundreds of replies still swing in all directions as to what the truth actually is.


Without any additional evidence, there’s nothing to support these latest claims beyond a single video that zooms into the background of Marc’s TikTok. From a dog’s tail to a random shadow, it genuinely could be anything. Though Marc assured it had absolutely nothing to do with any form of abuse.

Full video

— Def Noodles (@defnoodles)

Both parents cop plenty of flak online from time to time with their daughters often having to step in. Dixie made it clear in November that her parents “do not” treat her poorly, despite community speculation.


For fans to be concerned is one thing, but it’s clear Marc wishes for baseless accusations to stop flooding their social media accounts.


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