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fix slow wordpress site

fix slow wordpress site . If you have a wordpress site that is slow and you need to fix it I can help you now for a very small fee starting at just $10 hour. In few hours you will have a very fast loading site we will optimize all your images and files in order to load at the best possible speed in all devices. A slow site can be for many factors but the main thing is lack of wordpress site optimization.

How to Fix a Slow WordPress Website?

  1. Use a cache plugin as first option in order to speed up the site loading speed.
  2. Change your hosting, try not to use a shared hosting which normal are real slow.
  3. Try to use a CDN or similar content delivery system.
  4. Optimize Image sizes and reduce and optimize CSS and Javascript files.

Why speed is important on wordpress sites?

Speed is important cause people attention on a site is caught in just 7 seconds and slow wordpress sites can take up to 30 seconds to open making the user stop and going to another site that opens quick.

mobilsocial is a good sample of a good fast loading wordpress website. its build in amp which is even better for seo , and perkins is another sample of a good and fast loading wordpress website.

How to check if a wordpress site is slow?

There is several sites to check if a wordpress site is slow one of them is isitwp If a wordpress website loads after 20 seconds is realy slow and needs to be fixed right away. The faster it loads the better for you.

fix slow wordpress site

What should i do? How can i get help to make website faster?

You can contact us now via email

We will fix your wordpress website in few hours and you just sit and relax.

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