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Lakers To Sign Wesley Matthews

Wesley Matthews

Lakers To Sign Wesley Matthews

Matthews is signing a one-year, $3.6MM deal with the Lakers after opting out of his Bucks deal.

Lakers Sign Wesley Matthews To One-Year Contract | Hoops Rumors


November 20th 2020 at 5:27pm CST by Luke Adams

NOVEMBER 22: The Lakers have officially announced their deal with Matthews, according to Bill Oram of The Athletic ().

NOVEMBER 20: Free agent swingman intends to sign a contract with the Lakers, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (). Matthews turned down a player option with Milwaukee to reach free agency this week.

The Lakers’ deal with Matthews will be a one-year pact worth $3.6MM, says Charania (). It sounds like the club will use its bi-annual exception – which has an exact value of $3,623,000 – to lock up the 34-year-old.

Although Matthews’ prime years are behind him, he remains a reliable three-and-D option, having started all 67 games he appeared in for the NBA-best Bucks last season. He recorded 7.4 PPG, 2.5 RPG, and 1.4 APG with a .364 3PT% in 24.4 minutes per contest, and has never made fewer than 36.0% of his threes in a single season since entering the league.

The Lakers were in need of a wing who could shoot, with having been traded away and departing in free agency. Matthews can fill that role without breaking the bank.

The Lakers will be hard-capped at $138.93MM this season as a result of using the bi-annual exception.




32 thoughts on “Lakers Sign Wesley Matthews To One-Year Contract”

Like father, like son.

Solid replacement for Danny Green. Would like to see them bring back KCP & or Bradley.


Same defensive wins shares, replaced Danny at 1/5th the cost!


Been waiting for this to happen

Lakers are getting better. So much for the “1 year window” haters.


Don’t forget what happened last year when the Warriors were hard-capped.

Lakers don’t have 4 players on 100+ million dollar contracts. Or waste that much cap space on a dude who puts up 4 buckets a game on a good day ** Drayton cough cough


Mathews had a PER of 8 last year. He ain’t good anymore.


I mean, don’t get me wrong, the Lakers are awesome, but you will probably end up disliking Mathews before the year is out

They disliked Danny green they can no dislike Wes Matthews for 1/4th the price


Oh I never said Green was all that either. Just saying people in LA are not gonna love Wes Mathews.


Curtis again showing his lack of understanding, Mathews defensive wins share 1.4 and Danny green 1.5 essentially for 1/5the cost of green. Easy win.


Oh I think Curtis undertands Mathews isn’t very good. Like most people do.


Im hoping wes matthews wont be shooting bricks like danny green was.

Solid excellent start to free agency.


“solid excellent”?
I was going to say “okay amazing”



Tats you must live in these trolls heads. Every post you post they are on lmao, so sad hahahahaha worthless


Mindless at this point it’s expected, all we are missing is simpleton al to complete the 3 stooge trifecta.


Haha. Lmao. Ha.




If I am “trolling” all you’re doing is telling me I am doing a good job.

Great trade upgrade over kcp and less money


Great signing but hard capped

If use MLE to sign Ibaka, KCP is in deep trouble


Since they’re already hard-capped now they can use the full MLE.

KCP wants 14m to 16m

Better than Danny Green and at a fraction of the price, heck yeah.

Wes has never been as good as he was in Portland…imo he is the most overrated 3 and D player going around…and they didn’t even get him for a vet min…that’s $2m down the drain.


Matthews market value is 1 year 8m



He made 2.5 last year…and he kinda stunk.

Not bad at all…

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