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Rookie Diairies: Chase Claypools historic breakout day


Rookie Diairies: Chase Claypools historic breakout day

The Steelers receiver speaks on his four-touchdown game with DAZN.

Rookie Diairies: Chase Claypool's historic breakout day | DAZN News Canada (Getty Images)

The Steelers receiver speaks on his four-touchdown game with DAZN.

It was the best scoring output by a Canadian in a single NFL game.

Chase Claypool's four-touchdown performance for the Pittsburgh Steelers in a Week 5 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles made headlines on both sides of the border. The rookie receiver rewrote the record books with his breakout game, and DAZN's Adnan Virk got a chance to talk to the young Canadian about his big day as part of the ongoing “Rookie Diaries” series.

Claypool took Virk through each of his four TDs against the Eagles, with the 22-year-old giving ample credit to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for putting him in positions that allowed the youngster to succeed.

In particular, Claypool recalled the audible that Roethlisberger had called in the lead-up to his fourth TD of the game, and how the veteran QB was able to spot his rooker receiver despite Claypool not being totally on the same page at the time the ball was snapped.

Chase Claypool scored FOUR touchdowns in Sunday's win over the Eagles 🤯Watch him break down every trip to the endzone on this week's Rookie Diaries!

— DAZN Canada (@DAZN_CA)

“So he actually audibled from a play that we were running, and when he audibled it I actually had never been in that spot,” Claypool explained. “I had a faint idea of what to do, so I was trying to communicate that with him without actually saying what I had. And the slot receiver had heard and he basically said my route [out loud], but I guess it didn't matter because Ben called the perfect play.”


Aside from analyzing each major moment from last week's game, Claypool confirmed a rather large expenditure at a recent rookie receivers dinner at a local steakhouse.

“Yeah, so thankfully the COVID stuff limited the group, and the number of people that are able to go, so it was just the receivers. But the bill still cost me north of $10,000,” Claypool said, grimacing. “I mean the food was good but I don't know if it was $10,000 good. It definitely hurt the soul a little bit there.”

Watch “Chase Claypool's Historic Breakout Day” and full episodes of “Rookie Diaries” exclusively on DAZN. .

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