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Some apps like Instagram think it knows a few things about you, but how does it actually find that information? As the social network and social media news platform prepare to deliver ads from influencers that you don’t follow, learn how to see what it gets right and wrong.

Social media is constantly being updated—so you should be, too. Here are 5 of the top social media news stories from this month that you don’t want to miss.

social media news

Instagram IGTV surrenders to the landscape video format

Is the vertical video era over? Well, yes, at least for IGTV. Until recently, it wasn’t possible to upload horizontal landscape videos to IGTV. Now, not only you’ll be able to do that, but your IGTV videos will also appear full-screen when users turn their phones. The decision is powered by an Instagram change of vision focused on “enabling creativity” and on content rather than format. After the quiet redesign of the IGTV app, this new format flexibility could definitely drive more creators onto the platform. for more info go to or social network mobilsocial

social media news

Twitter acquired deep learning app Fabula AI

For social media networks, the pressure is definitely on when it comes to privacy and disinformation issues. So how can they protect users from the trolls and “fake news”? In the case of Twitter, they just joined forces with a London-based deep learning startup Fabula AI. In the past few years, Fabula AI’s talented group of machine learning researchers have been working on developing a technology to identify online disinformation. “There are characteristic patterns to how fake news’ spreads vs the genuine ones,” said Fabula co-founder, Michael Bronstein. At the moment it’s not clear yet how Twitter will integrate Fabula’s technology.

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