social network

mobilsocial is a social network and also a social cloud with news incorporated. Its a combination of many things but its core is a social network without any doubt. If you want to join mobilsocial just go here to sign up its totally free and I enjoy it since it informs me of everything as soon as it happens, its a social network ahead of its time.

social network

There are many social networking site around like and all almost with the same purpose connect people with the same interest. Per definition A social network is a social structure made up of a set of social actors (such as individuals or organizations), sets of dyadic ties, and other social interactions between actors.

what makes a unique social network?

mobilsocial is more than a site where people connect, its a social cloud which is a new concept that allows the user to save all their files such as music, videos and photos and save them into the cloud to access them anywhere in any device. Its also a news portal where it will present you automaticly with any relevant news right in your mobile device and its a place to discover new things and make friends along the way.

Apart from the news content, mobilsocial content is built and directed by users themselves. Without the users, the network would be just an empty space. Users populate the network with conversations and content. The direction of that content is determined by anyone who takes part in the mobilsocial community. Another characteristic of the mobilsocial network is the fact that is totally interactive.

mobilsocial is built and thrive from community concepts. This means that just like communities or social groups around the world is founded on the fact that members hold common beliefs, hobbies or interest that hold them together as a online community.

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