social networking sites definition

social networking sites definition?

As for social networking sites definition I personally think that is a social networking site is a place where people can connect and share a common interest while being informed about all people important for the person who connects to it. But now i noticed people enters to social media for a very important reason: to be informed of what is happening on the world. mobilsocial is a combination of many things, its a social network with a news generator, social cloud service where you can save all your media files and a place where you can connect with all your family and relatives.

Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, digital photos, audios and videos, posts, information, ask for help and to inform others about online or real-world activities and events with people in their network. While in-person social networking – such as gathering in a super market to talk about events – exists since development of civilization,  the Web enables people to connect with others who live in different parts of the globe, ranging from across a city to across the world.

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There several types of social network sites but the most importants are, and All have a same in common allows their users to interact each others without barriers.

In the beginning social network sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Cyworld, and Bebo have attracted millions of millions of users, whom have integrated these sites into their daily practices. right now there are hundreds of Social Networking sites, with various technological affordances, supporting a wide range of interests and practices.

What is a accurate social networking sites definition?

social networking site is an web or online platform that allows users to create a public profile and interact with other users which they share same interest on the website. Social networking sites usually have a new user input a list of people with whom they share a connection and then allow the people on the list to confirm or deny the connection, or they allow to “follow” that user.

mobilsocial is a social networking site that combines all the previous features and more, it allows user to save their photos, audios and videos and access them anywhere anytime they need to. mobilsocial also send the lastest news and trends right into their phone automaticly to the users so they can be always informed of what is happening near them.

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