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social networks advantages and disadvantages

social networks advantages and disadvantages

what are the social networks advantages and disadvantages, here we tell you just that in a moment. Me as most people use at least one social media platform, but you and I, may still have some questions about social networking, like Is social media helping or hindering your life? Is it safe? Can it really increase productivity and build brand awareness – or is it simply a place to waste a considerable amount of time? mobilsocial is a new social network that helps people to be informed with the lastest news and help people to save all their media files into a new social cloud. Its a new kind of social network.

The Pros or Advantages of Social networks are:


  1. Global reach

Nowdays You and I can connect with people all over the world in a instant and we connect with your family and friends as well, easily everywhere and anytime with just a click no matter where you are in the planet.

In mobilsocial you can not only see the lastest news in your location you can also be in touch with your love ones and share all your moments with them wherever you are. has a special feature that keep you informed of any event near you wherever you are, so you are not only connected but informed as well all day long, for a good sample of global reach social network visit now

2. Always informed.

Social networks are a great way to be informed with the lastest news right away. mobilsocial has a unique feature that delivers you the lastest news right on your mobile device or email. I use mobilsocial daily to be informed of all the news and I am always informed all the time. The first thing i do in the am is open to see whats going on around me, its like reading the newspaper in the morning but in my phone.

3. Educational Purposes

I find social networks very usefull and educationals, I spent about 5 hours in social media and as developer i dream about social media so i can make changes or updates to mobilsocial. I think social networks are a very big source of information, and some are specially with educational purposes like mobilsocial, mobilsocial has a lot of historical and informational posts that can be very usefull for any student. mobilsocial is registering the history as it passes in front of us.

4. Help others

I have seen this many times, the power of social networks with my own eyes. Help, for sample when someone needs a medicine or someone got lost, people always go to social network to ask for help, I saw it in Venezuela all the time and always worked. Social Networks are a great way to get instant help thats why I love it so much.


  1. Cyberbullying

I experienced cyberbulling once, and let me tell you is not good at all. Thats why I insisted so much is prevent it in mobilsocial, there is ways to report cyberbulling implemented in mobilsocial so it tries to advoid it before it starts. Cyberbullying is one of the biggest issues in social networks today.

mobilsocial has a very restrict policy about this issue and the account can be suspended for that reason right away.

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