What is mobilsocial

so explain me, what is mobilsocial?

mobilsocial is a social networking site, a very special social network with a lot of new features and ahead at its time. mobilsocial is a social cloud and a news feed in your mobile device. You can save all your media files (videos, music and audios) in your mobilsocial cloud and you can be always informed of what is trending in your country right away, and lets not forget about you can have your own community of family and friends to share your stuff too, its a social nework, social cloud and news feed all in one.

where do i signup to mobilsocial?

You can sign up by going to the social network main page and just click on sign up with facebook if you want a “one click” sign up, or just fill up all the information in the form and click sign up, its really quick and easy.

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